+[the here and now]+

Piled my hair high this morning, no makeup (except for that Royal Azalea lipstick I'm sporting daily), threw on my favorite long white dress (wear white dresses most every summer day, unless I'm wearing a white skirt and gingham button up, that is) and headed to the coffee shop at 8 am for a few cups of alone time.  No regular Sabbath today.

Quick stop at the grocer for banana split supplies (mint chip and caramel praline ice creams, fudge sauce, whipping cream, rainbow sprinkles, cookies for dipping, bananas..saw a friend and chatted long) as Savannahs bible study group is meeting here today and a banana split party was on the bucket list.

Came home and cleaned the portico, added water to the pond out back, turned on the fountains and tore (!!!)  abovementioned white dress while descending garden rocks (could have sworn I heard the neighbor snickering).  Changed into white skirt and purple gingham button up.

Set up banana split bar... then had  phone date with best friend... then lunch with Peyton.  All the while the big girls (14-17 yr olds) sat out back discussing, pondering and arguing John MacArthurs Revelation study.

Date with Doug tonight.  Beaver Creek tomorrow.  New soccer team meeting Sunday after church (read update in post below if you dont know about this already).  Next week is Nationals for Speech and Debate (Savannah and I are judging), camp trunk decoration (yearly tradition you've seen here every June), neighborhood friends over for pizza-on-the-grill night,  and a lotta running around to get ready for our trip to TX for visits and Camp Peniel.   Oh and Doug has a "man trip" planned with colleagues from Compassion (flyfishing, offroading and hes smoking ribs for all).  When he returns were celebrating Fathers Day early so I can be with my dad this year on the actual day.

Its not too much but its a full next 10 days.  Feels alive and a happy pace of swing from solitude to community and back.  Hoping summer weeks stay just about like this.

pic via civia