+[sweet child o mine]+

Fourteen years ago yesterday he appeared at my hospital room door with two dozen roses, one for me and one for her.

And a card which read, "thank you for giving me the greatest gift since you gave me your hand".

How have fourteen years passed?

I stole her away yesterday morning for a breakfast alone to tell her how much of a blessing she is. Then we picked up Peyt and headed to Dougs office to watch the Airforce Academy airshow as it was their graduation (Obama officiated so the town practically shut down).  Compassions parking lot provides a fabulous view so all employees annually make the airshow a tailgating event. Then Peyton and I took her to the movie and afterward we met Doug for dinner out, presents and blessings. A day of firework celebration for 14 years that we have been given with this woman child.

She is a beautiful Gift in every, every way.