+[our favorite way to spend a Saturday]+

In all the years we have been away from Colorado (10!!), one thing we have never stopped talking about was our love of the Boulder Farmers Market.  Its hard to describe to someone who has never walked the buzz, just how epic it really is.  
Frankly, everyone who goes knows its the best food the region has to offer!  But thats only the half of it.

 On Saturday I challenged myself to try and take pics that would capture how this, our fav Saturday activity, really grooves.

Talented and conscientious food purveyors produce heirloom varieties, live music permeates, hippies mingle, poets recite, people tube the river, samples of prize winning brie and balsamic vinegars are offered along the way with chocolate quinoa granola calling to not to be missed.  Crowds swoon at the gourmet tamale stand (where my husband hangs out) and then gulp mango lemonade from the pupusa stand to whisk away the afternoon sun.    And I havent even mentioned the artisans selling their wares!

 Its a place where the overtrained for ultra marathons mix with the everyday momma.  Its a place where farmer converses with the foodie.    Its a place where people watching is simply unsurpassed.  

You can eat  Naan (prepared before your very eyes) generously smothered in hand crafted Chicken Tikka Masala.  You can eat a beautiful Vietnamese noodle bowl.  You can stop for an authentic Japanese tea service along the way... or you can sit and talk with a hippie whose been doing his thing there long before organic was a mainstream word or concept.

You can buy the most unique, artistic fresh floral arrangements or browse for hours the natural soaps and oils.    You can buy Whole Wheat Onion and Garlic Pasta or Basil Garlic Linguine then pop across the way and bag your own greens for a salad to go along with.  And since Boulder is the NATIONS CAPITAL for natural and organic foods, gluten free and grainfree products are the rule, not the exception!

 Its our favorite way to spend a Saturday.  And spend the day we do.