+[new inspirations]+

Lately Ive been looking for new inspirations in creativity.   Writing and photography havent been something Ive been doing a lot of, mostly because Ive been thinking but not yet ready to give birth to those thoughts or express them through photos.  So Ive found other ways to engage my hands and challenge/redirect my mind.

What Ive been up to:

learning these gardens - the woman who planted the gardens surrounding this home died last September.  It was an unexpected illness, lasting only one month before she died.  Needless to say, her avid 10 year gardening investment never had its fall cleanup; as while the plants were fading, she was as well.  I wander through her handwork, realizing that this plot of land seems to be the only legacy she left behind and wondering what I am leaving behind.  What will be my life garden?

mixing up my looks - decided to do my hair 7 different ways last week.  Took a pic each day to see which ones to keep in the rotation.  Have to say I enjoyed the variety.  Doug ooohhed and aaahhed as a good husband should when the wife tries a new "do" or two.  Or seven.    And he laughed when I told him about the sock bun (look 2 had a sock inside the bun).  They all were 5 minutes or less - my rule.



baking with new flours - have been working with buckwheat flour and this week sphelt.  Buckwheat isnt a wheat, you know, its a seed.  So its gluten free and grainfree as well.  I like its consistency better than almond or coconut flours (so sick of those) but the family doesnt really love the nuttiness of it.   They say its too "earthy" on its own (which makes me like it more) so Ive come up with a basic maple scone recipe using the buckwheat flour but mix in bananas and chocolate chips for them and they love it that way.   I like them straight up with cinnamon honey butter (recipe to follow).  This morning is probably one of our last snows for the season so I snatched the opportunity and made a batch.

painting - Taralyn is coming to visit this summer and will be taking the painting I did for her last year.  Since its in my front room right now, Im working on a new one to replace it in our home.  I found inspiration from the tempest of emotions that have risen in me lately regarding this season of my life, my marriage and my mothering.

reading - this is the time of year when I put away all the hard reads and move on to soul fillers that dont require multiple readings of one paragraph to understand.   Im ready to enjoy the reading, to rest in it, not to study or examine in the sense that I have been from September - April.   Im reading some things I thought I never would, for exactly that reason.  And loving them.

hiking and dating - Doug and I have started hiking the trails behind this house together as many days a week as possible.  We are in a season of marriage that is requiring more intentionality to move up and over some relational mountains.  Time on the trail, we have found, is relaxing, refreshing and a good time to talk without the intensity of sitting looking right at each other.    Sometimes we dont want to go together but always end up glad we did.  Its an inspiring pleasure we both enjoy, and can share, thus hopefully use constructively in our relationship.  Were also holding fast to our Friday night and Saturday morning dates, which refuel the "us" of us more than anything else.

Hope you are finding new inspirations and many thanksgivings in your life as well.

hairpics via pinterest