+[living the season]+

For as many summers as I can remember we have had a summer bucket list.  I think it started as a way to keep the girls in the know when they were young; they could look at the chalkboard, see the upcoming adventures and then check them off upon completion.   It also helped them to remember all the fun they had had if the notion ever came to say they hadnt done anything fun.  Overtime though it has become a collaborative effort and one which all of us look forward to as we move into this extra special time of year.  

Summer is our very, very favorite season.  And this board, with its empty spaces left to still be filled by yet more ideas,  reminds us to live the season to the fullest.  

Over the years we have learned that our guests love to review and add their thoughts/favorites to our list... so we always keep it prominently displayed in our dining area.  This year Ill keep it over on the sidebar here too.