Shes right in the midst of a week of (very) intense soccer tryouts.  Everyone there plays well.  Only a handful will be chosen.  Shes loving it.  

Standing next to me field side as more than 100 of the top players (her age) in the state gathered, she wasnt talking those few minutes before the appraisals began.  Knowing her every move would be evaluated, critiqued, she was deep in concentration.    I prayed over her once again.  Her eyes met mine and I held her that way, as I do so often now.  She whispered, "thank you."

On the field she looked tense those first 45 minutes.  Then suddenly she didnt.  Even Peyton noticed.  She relaxed into her game, began to run smiling.

I saw the coach call her out as she passed him by on the way back from halftime.  He said something and shook her hand.  She beamed that lightening smile.

Savannah, love of ours.

I asked her in the car afterward if she was praying on that field.  She laughed admittedly and asked if we could tell.  She said she had prayed to remember how to feel the love of the game and to play it in that love.

Savannah, love of ours.

UPDATE:  SHE MADE THE TEAM!!!!!  HOORAY!!!! - cute sidenote: her new teammembers have already nicknamed her "tie-dye" because she wore tie-dye jerseys everyday to tryouts while everyone else wore white.    The coaches said thats what they called her too.   I think its gonna stick.