+[good morning Lord]+

Jim Wilsons Olympian Dreams streams through my earphones.  Pandora is set to David Tolk so this melody is included.    I watch the mantis leaves on a child Aspen clap,  the rising mountains their canvassed backdrop.  These revealing seasons: Gods artistry. 

Attention catches in my heart.  Something hidden, veiled beneath the music ... I strain to hear.  The buzz of the coffee shop fades, disappears as I lean hard into the music.  Pressing  my left earbud further into the canal, I focus hard to hear, to understand.  What is that deep reverberation? I think of manna...what is it?  Oh my untrained ear...and yet recognition, familiarity, desire to understand .  I wish suddenly for a trained musician to instruct.  

What is playing that singular tune; such a veiled background that I've never heard it as critical backdrop?  Backdrop like those mountains behind that tree; the entire context really.  How could I have never heard this unknown instrument?  And yet strain for its steady ballad because I somehow know it so well?  Or long to.

Oh Lord you've been there all along.  My life a song, You the soft refrain of deepness which only the tuned ear hears.  Thank you for the grace of those who hear You there and press, press, press deep into my life.