+[GFSF diggin]+

Doug says I live at the corner of hot and cold; always a perfect climate for a storm; neverending intensity.   Its true.  But...that means Im always really, really diggin something.   

Its been 7 months of GFSF lifestyle.  I have strayed for special occasions and gotten sick everytime.   So, for me, it seems best that I stay pretty close to the original foodlist Ive had over the past months.  I will say though that over the past two months Ive been adding some foods back into the mix to see how they affect me.  Since my system is clean now, its very easy to near immediately see the results of new add ins.  This food experiment has proven so helpful!  Ive tried so many new recipes, vegetables, snacks and overall feel so much better with very limited grains and sugars in my diet.   Its so nice to not be sick everyday any longer!

So, in the name of that happy truth, I thought I would share a few of my current GFSF craves:

Broccoli Crunch Salad from Whole Foods - last summer my food obsession was angel hair pasta with olive oil, cherry tomatoes, chopped jalapeno from our garden and lots of sea salt.   Ate it everyday.  This summer its this WF broccoli crunch salad.    I saw it one day on the salad bar there, noticed it because of its lack of pasta or grains, and tried it.  Now I make "the foods" (peytons nickname for WF) run a few times a week so I never run out of this stuff.  Actually just got home from a run.  Truly I cant get enough of this stuff.  

Numi Chocolate Tea - velvety Pu-erh tea with dark chocolate.  Accents of vanilla beans and orange.    Its taken over top slot of store bought teas in my mind.

Chocolove Orange Peel Dark Chocolate - good grief...Im going through these way too fast!  I keep bars (plural) in the bedside "chocolate drawer" that Peyton and I share for our reading times.  Doug thinks I have them there for our tea and chocolate hour at night.   Savannah just knows I have a chocolate problem.

Seviche style shrimp tacos - Tarayn sent me this recipe last week.  Ive made it three times since then!    Doug thinks its just ok, but he hates avocado (stttrrrannnge).  The girls have zero interest.   More for me.. Im obsessed.  Please note that I do eat corn tortillas with no issue, but if you dont do corn this is still delish without the wrapper.

If you havent tried these, I highly recommend them.

PS.  We had a bubble blowing contest today.  I won...thus the pics.