+[fire and rain]+

Though we got rained out and came home WAY early, there were memories aplenty set afire as well:

Savannah and I took her first driving lesson around the campsite loops.  Woo-hoo...what a hoot!  She did so great!  Actually, she drove around those same loops in my lap when she was about 2 1/2 and still remembers it, claiming she was driving.  I have planned for some time to make that the place that she actually sat behind the wheel herself for the first real lesson.

Good Great food (all planned and prepared by the girls), especially their breakfasts.  They love making silver turtles and cinnamon apples in the coals of the fire (they eat them every year at Camp Peniel) and this trip did a breakfast version (bacon, egg, cheese, onion, peppers) for us as well.  Along with their cinnamon sugar dusted campfire donuts.  Its fun (and relaxing) to have them taking over the cook chores while roughing it.  And they love it!

Campfire conversations and coffee with Doug after the girls were tucked in.  We star gaze, marvel and dream together in those moments.   We have done this since they were babies and its my favorite part of each trip.  I look forward to it all day.

Art and books while the wind blew and the sun shone.  All for pleasure.

Driving to town in the rain and wandering, pondering and enjoying Estes Park.

Watching Doug teach and launch the girls in their first fly fishing expedition.