My parents are here for the week.  There is such comfort in their presence.  The girls love them so much.  I love them more.   Everyday in this life season I more deeply embrace the Provision they have been in my life from the day they adopted me.  

Life and school continue and they live and walk alongside us, but somehow its all richer and more comforting with them here.    I walked by our dining room a moment ago and saw Doug, Savannah and my mom all working on their laptops together: school, work and sharing.   It made me smile in my heart.  Peyton and my Dad were out walking the dog.  This is the significant, I thought.

They drove from Texas to bring us a car; a car they need as well, but are sacrificing longterm for us.  They came to support us, relieve us,  after one of our more tempestuous weeks.  They came to remind us that we are not alone in this journey and that they believe in what we are trying to accomplish as a family.

Having someone believe in me makes me cry.