Yesterday, she asked if we could walk the trails after church.  I accepted.  Said she had been thinking and wanted to share, needed to talk it through.

Hours came and went.  Suddenly I found myself upon a trail aglow with a woman Ive never known, but certainly would like to.

Palms facing the sky, fingers outstretched in cheerful exclamation, she was waving her arms like punctuation marks as we walked and talked at a pace which made the heart race.  But it was her words, not the cardio, that had me pumping.

She divulged her consideration of the difference between morals and ethics, defining each in her terms.  And how the State (leadership at large)  has invaded what is Gods therefore ethics have replaced morals.    How she can see it "incontestably" in her generation.  How she talked of it with friends on Friday.  I had no idea what my face was doing.

Its like I just found a stirring neighbor, someone to walk and talk with.  But this neighbor lives one floor beneath me, in my own home.

She continued, still physically punctuating, on how people, for the sake of gain, only increase loss.  She asked my opinions on why.  But before I could answer, she has answered for herself.  Again, I wondered my expression.

Who is this woman with such thoughts, such insight?  How much I want to learn from her. Certainly we have these types of conversations regularly in our home, but beautiful is the day she brings them to the table of discussion instead of me. Beautiful is the moment when these thoughts I have cast before her are caught by her own imagination and stirred in her own heart. Beautiful is conviction leading someone to a changed mind.

She asked to sit at the crest of the hill, overlooking the Peak and sunlit valley.  She then spread those exclamation markers toward my hand and took grasp.  14 years of holding that hand, my motherheart knows it well.  Oh how she has influenced me through the years, but I think it has only just begun.

We sat for a few awestruck moments, both lost in our own individual thoughts.

A peak is something to behold.  It should be savored for all its glory and representation.  Yesterday I was reminded of how beautiful the peak moments are, and how they ever infuse a vision within an alert observer.