+[how often?]+

Last week Doug sent me a text asking if I was ok with hosting a Compassion graduate who was coming to speak at their offices.  UH...YEA (!!!!) I replied.  And everyday since Ive been giddy.

How often does one get to host a man from Ethiopia?

And plus, a man who became a Compassion child at age 7, remained one all the way through his childhood,  then became the first Ethiopian graduate of the Compassion Leadership Program?

How often does one get to sit fireside with their children and speak with a man who was expected to die by everyone in his village; all eyes watching as the TB strangled the life from him?

How often does one get to hear the accented words share the joy of recounting how it was his Compassion sponsor who boldly flew the medications he needed, 3 different times, to him while he lay bedridden.  Its like an incredible book, we hung on every word!  You can read the story from 2007 here.

And how often, please tell me, does one get to sit with a man who then dedicated his life to bringing safe medicines to his country, by getting his pharmacy degree so he could help others, and by starting the first company ever in Ethiopia to fight the corrupt government which is feeding its people expired medications or medications which have too much or too little of the active ingredients, causing a host of other issues and deaths?

And lastly, how often does your houseguest get to recall his past week for your children and how he, just this week, spoke on Capitol Hill trying to persuade our government to help his fight?  How often, I say?  It was his first time in the US and he didnt seem to think the Capitol Hill thing was that big of a deal.

Talk about a living lesson: history, science, social studies, geography...you name it!  And he was so very delightful in every way.   (He called me Grace - no one calls me Grace!)  He was so sweet snapping pictures of everything around our house (he likes design) and of our dinner party last night which was held in his honor.

Privileged doesn't quite cover how I'm feeling that he came to stay with us, share meals with us and talk with us so much this week.  What an amazing gift!  What Provision for my children to learn so much first hand!  Incredible!