+[a holiday in review]+

Holidays will not ever be grainfree and sugarfree at my house.    They just wont.  Im happy about that actually.  To me, there is something really wonderful about making family recipes that are only served on holidays.  Recipes that relatives ask for when they are coming to our house.  Recipes that my children request and longingly watch me make, or now, want to learn how to make themselves so they can serve them one day.  There is something really special about the gathering in the kitchen, around a table - the celebration, and what is knitted there.  I love it.

So, yes, we had candy and dessert and rolls.  And I ate them too.  And, yes, I got sick.  I do feel so much better when I dont each that stuff.  But the truth is, on holidays I am just going to eat it.  I am.

So, to balance the "things that didnt change this year", the girls still fought over who would get out the door first to hunt eggs.  Peytons still lost a shoe in the hunt.  We still dyed eggs the night before and I still made mine look like robins eggs.  We still were late to church though we always go to the late service, I still ran out of heavy cream because I use way too much, and we (somehow) still sang I'll Fly Away.  Really, we thought when we left Texas that we would never hear the country version of that song again on Easter.  But there, before our very eyes, our uberhip worship leader was pickin' it away as everyone took their (late) seats.   Crazy.  We loved it.

Oh, and lest we forget, Doug and I still snarled at each other somewhere between coffee and church and I still carried that curled upper lip right into the stone chapel with me.

But... as it always happens, we were still met by Easter: a righteously joyful celebration, Light.    I love that most of all.

We had a great day, in spite of ourselves!   And now that tomorrow has come, Im back on grainfree/sugarfree once again. Well, I had planned to be that is, but then there was more banana pudding. But now, thanks to me, there is none. So...tomorrow I will be back on grainfree/sugarfree and I'll post my new favorite cookbook and website that support that style of eating.

Hope your Easter was filled with the expected and unexpected as well. Just like the original was.