+[dignity and perception]+

Darcy and Elizabeth.

These characters think they know each other.  But really, they do not even know themselves.  Thus one could say their tale might rather be called "Dignity and Perception" instead of "Pride and Prejudice".

Truly theirs is a story of how one man learned to change his manners and one woman learned to change her mind.

Last night, while in bed, Doug pecked his laptop next to me and I turned page after page in that, one of my all-time favorite novels.  I turned to him and said that if we had written the book of us, certainly it would have been titled "Dignity and Perception".   You see, in his mind he has no pride when dealing with me; merely dignity.  And in my mind, I have no prejudice in dealing with him; merely perception.  But to everyone looking on, it is plain to see that we have multitudes of both pride and prejudice.  And it is this very pride and prejudice which keeps us at odds.

Until this man learns to change his manner regarding his wife and this woman learns to change her mind  regarding her husband, we will ever struggle to fully know one another.  Which easily said means that before we can become anything more than we have already been, we must each see ourselves personally for who we really are and how we really behave, not merely who we think we are.

We must look again and again at this union called "our marriage" and recognize.  We must recognize and be willing to make amendments and revisions until we see it for what it really is.  Such is the ongoingness of us.

It is a lonely struggle toward true vision.  Differences and judgements must be overcome.

But how grand a love story it may be in the end...which I think is exactly the point of it all.  Our story is so much bigger than us.