+[a couple of assists]+

"Mom, you are getting that look."

"What look?"

"The 'Im about to be really sick' look."

That was the conversation taking place as she snapped this pic.  She was right; I was feeling pretty ill.

So, today Im back continuing my 5th month on the grainfree/sugarfree regimen (I refer to it as GFSF instead of Paleo because Im all about the Paleo food choices but not at all about the worldview) which simply stated, doesnt make me sick.  And, as promised, Im sharing two of my new favorites assists in this journey.  

I find that about once a month I get really tired of the recipes, snacks and overall perspective Im taking on this way of eating.  Im not sure if thats common, but its certainly true for me.  So Im always on the lookout for new recipes, new websites, etc to help keep things shaken.    Here are two of my current go-to's:

Cookbook:  Make it Paleo
Website: Comfy Belly

Just an FYI, I have not bought one GFSF cookbook until checking it out at the library and making sure it was a fit for our family.  Most were not.  Actually, Ive only purchased the above,  Elanas book and Paleo Comfort Foods thus far.    Since GFSF and Gluten Free are far from the same thing (most Gluten free is sugar packed) its hard to find good resources.  Not everything on Comfy Belly works for GFSF but there are a myriad of recipes which do - and they are fantastic!

* if you have no idea what all this is about, you can read here.