+[still resting]+

Ive deeply enjoyed the quiet rest away from the computer, and public writing in general.  My handwritten journals are filling while the portico fountain sings its psalm.  My prayers are increasing as I sit and enjoy pesto, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella with my children al fresco.  And my overall presence in the moments of my life, even walking the sunlight laden trails is more intentional.  Its been a very nourishing time.

But yesterday, as Peyton uncovered the first yellow budding crocus in our yard and I spent hours raking and bagging wonderfully fragrant pine needles, I realized why this time of personal pen-to-paper is so important to me, to our family at large.

Journals are something I have always kept.  From my first very stretching days of marriage to Savannahs birth and through Peytons toddlerdom I have journaled for each of them - prayers for their salvation, spiritual growth, future spouses, ministry, friends and worldview.  They all have their own writings from my heart which I have preserved for their eyes and heart to hold one day.

One of the biggest projects I have undertaken in the journaling arena has been the bible that I have written in for Savannah.  And now, a new one, for Peyton.  I originally had planned to give these to each of the girls on their 13th birthday/coming of age trip, but Savannah, and now Peyton, are firm on the fact that they want me to keep writing in them.

I wrote of the bible journaling somewhere on this blog or the homeschool one if you are interested.  Im not going to take the time to find those posts now, but they are there.  Basically I journal in the margins, write on the open pages and lay my hand over certain (hundreds of) scriptures, tracing my fingers, and praying them over our children in their independent bibles.  I sometimes lay Dougs hand over mine and trace his as well.  My hope is that one day, when we are not physically present with them, they will be able to lay their hands on top of the tracings of mine and read the scriptures that I have prayed over them.  My hope is that they will know in their hearts that they are hemmed in.  Regardless.

The verses I choose are verses about fighting unbelief, about dying to self and about joy and life in Christ.  I write about funny stories that have happened so they wont be forgotten, and about the blessings the Lord has granted our family.  I write about what I want them to remember.  I write about womanhood and its many hats.  I write about life.

I am not sure now when the girls will "get" their bibles.  I guess the Lord will lead on that.  Either one day they will ask for them, or I will just know its time to give them.  The bibles currently sit fireside in our living room where I read each morning so they know they can go and review them whenever they want.  Our girls treat them like scrapbooks, going to them now and again to memorize the pages and revisit memories.  That makes me happy.

Other journaling endeavors have included yearly Christmas letters written by me to each of them, which are stored away and read to them only in the Christmas season.     These are something the girls anxiously await year after year.

Also there are journals of praying the ABC's of Gods attributes over them (A - God you are Abba Father, will you teach Savannah of your personal Fatherly love this year?  Will you teach her of your relationship with her and draw her into your loving Presence?  B - Lord you are our Blessing.  Will you teach Peyton of your never ending power to be all she needs, to be her Sustainer and the truest Blessing of her life? Etc.)   These are pages where they can see that they have been placed before the cross; these are pages which fill their hearts, or so they tell me.

I also am ever journaling for Doug, through the bitter and the bountiful seasons of our marriage, praying ever for him, and for us, as he leads our family.     Though some of the writings are hard to go back and read, their recorded story ever blazes with the flame of Faithfulness from our God.  The Lord has truly saved us from much and truly blessed us with a very unusual and kindled love for one another.

So, Im still in a public writing sabbatical.  But I wanted to share some of the offshoots of that.  As much as I enjoy writing in this public space, my legacy and the story of my life will be in these private writings so I never want to move them too far from my center view.   Legacy and lineage are so important to me, so I continue to fill pages of parchment with smearing ink and continue to doodle my thoughts for those I love most.

Ill be back soon.