I like to take a break from most everything in my life now and again.  It seems necessary.  The swing from the solitary to the communal and back is the only way I have found to keep my wits about me, my balance.

Its time to swing; time to listen to the wind song in the trees surrounding this mountain home, spend time writing prayers with collected paper and messy ink, and time to evaluate once again.  

What is needed in my life, what is not?  Where is my time and energy going, and is that complimentary to the legacy I want to leave?   Who is my husband these days and who am I next to him?  Where is the Lords voice leading me?

Yesterday as Savannah and I prayed together I asked once again for the Spirit to search me, for walls to be broken down, for surrender in all areas of my life.   I want to be a woman who is wholly surrendered, but I am half hearted in the day-to-day of living that out.  I will always be, if not for Him.

So I step away from public writing again for a bit.  Because my goal is to entertain myself with God for awhile - to paint for Him, to write to Him, to knock and persevere knocking.   And perhaps the "awhile" will become something more.