Snow falls.
I let my gaze wander these woods.
Concentration is not what I am aiming for, simply gaze.
Somehow one part of these woods captures my attention.
When my attention is captured there is ignition within me.
Suddenly there is only one tree, then only one branch.
Suddenly my scattered thoughts have focus.
Then they dive deeper and deeper into that reality.
Often I am absorbed by some small bud or leaf which I have never noticed before.
And there is peace.

Ignition has occurred within me.  It happened sometime during the fire of living with, and leaving, Minnesota -  which was a 3+ year journey.  What was merely a gaze became attention captured.  What was general glancing became full focus.  And then absorption.  And peace.  Its name, this capturing, is discipleship through mothering.

And now as I look out at these woods surrounding me I feel the voice within me rising.  And as a reader loves an author, or a singer loves a composer, I look to the Lord for the words to write, to share.  But I know they are coming.  And a symphony plays.