I just asked the girls for a quick reminder of meals we've had in the past couple of weeks. So many of you have asked for this type of post!!

I know if you are considering leaping off into a grainfree and sugarfree diet for yourself, or your family, you can feel a bit apprehensive. As I've said before I spent much time researching because I just thought surely there would be nothing (!!!) left to eat without the grains and sugars, even though it clearly made sense to me to reduce them.

I also know if you've already lept into GFSF it's really helpful to get ideas from other GFSF eaters so your menus don't end up in a fruit and nutbutter rut.

So, here's what the girls came up with when I asked what they remembered eating lately. They were also putting in their requests for repeats!!

Recent dinners:

Italian meatballs with marinara on spaghetti squash
Grilled pork chops and onions with Roasted broccoli
Grilled skirt steak with onions, yellow and red peppers, guacamole and salsa
Roasted chicken with onions and carrots, maple mashed sweet potatoes
Spiral sliced honey baked ham with Cream of broccoli soup
Grilled chicken with apple/cinnamon stuffed acorn squash
Bunless bacon, cheese, avocado burgers with baked sweet potato fries
Taco stacks (beef and chicken fajita meat, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, salsa)
Dougs BBQ smoked brisket, ribs or sausage with a spinach salad topped with hot bacon dressing
Chicken cordon Bleu (chicken pounded flat then rolled up with a little Swiss cheese and prosciutto topped with a Dijon/garlic/butter sauce) with creamed spinach
Coconut chicken fingers with mango dipping sauce and green beans sautéed with pecans
Lettuce wraps (filled with chopped, grilled chicken, sour cream and tomatillo salsa) with grilled zucchini, onions and tomatoes
Pot roast with carrots and onions with baked yams
Grilled salmon with mixed grilled vegetables and roasted asparagus

On an interesting side note, two mornings ago Doug said, "honey, can you tell me why I've lost 15 pounds since November?" I just smiled. He knows why. And Savannah, well, her jeans are falling off. And as for me, yes, I too have even seen an unexpected sidenote to changing our family diet; I just crossed the 20 pound loss marker. Didnt see that coming.

I'll also share our go-to's:
I keep a mason jar full of cut oranges and cucumbers or lemon wedges and rosemary sprigs with me all day. Everyone loves it and even our recent dinner guests were asking what in the world was in the water. It helps me drink more when it's infused and it's just so refreshing.

For quick snacks we eat :
ramekins full of sesame seeds, sliced almonds and honey
apples dipped in almond butter or coconut cream
banana, chocolate, raw honey, coconut milk and almond butter shakes
pineapple, banana, raw honey and coconut milk shakes

Also were big fans of the whipped coconut milk blended with dark chocolate I wrote of recently.

Savannah loves full fat Greek yogurt with grainfree granola (I'll post a recipe soon) and Peyton loves lemon-lavender biscotti (made with almond flour) with her afternoon tea. Doug eats frittatas (recipes coming for these too) of any kind, at any time of day, so I try to keep one always in the refrigerator.

Hope those ideas stir your recipe creativity!