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Overheard after dinner last night: 

There goes Mom.  Up the stairs.  Must be 8:00.

Yea, shes headed up to turn on Beethoven and read Tolstoy again.

Bellowing over the landing I retort that actually I am listening to Chopin noctures tonight and reading the rest of Jonathan Edwards “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”.

Silent pause.


More laughter.

Then I start laughing, realizing how there is always something I am doing which is unusual, odd, laughable.

Later Savannah comes up and says that she wants to discuss Fahrenheit 451.  She just finished it.  I ask if I heard music in her room.  She says yea, was finishing the 5th symphony we started at lunch.  I raise my eyebrows as if to point out the obvious.

We both laugh.

Lots has been going on over here in terms of literature, music and studies in general:  Savannah skipped a grade this year, Peyt is on violin these days - headed straight to the symphony, were all involved in new enrichment classes and we just finished a big project on university requirements and AP classes.  Spend a few minutes on our other blog if any of that interests you.