+[special delivery]+

Look!  As of yesterday we have furniture!!!

Miracles surround us in these days.  We knew that when Doug lost his job just after he had directed us to come to Colorado that this story would be Gods. It had to be; we suddenly had nothing to bring to the table. It would be His story of Provision or it simply would not happen!

So many months (years worth) Doug prayed for God "not to send us up from this place (MN) if He did not go with us. How else would people know that God was pleased with Doug, and with the girls and I, unless He went with us?" (Exodus 33:15-16)

So many naysayers in our life ever whispering of our inadequacies, defects, poor this or that - channeling Jobs friends, its seemed. Meanwhile, we waited and watched as He wrote, He Provided, He led.  We worshiped deeply every step.  So sorry they missed out on the journey but I sure hope they are encouraged by now seeing His perfectly timed Provisions.  I hope they have learned by watching as we have learned by walking.

Though I plan to write of every miracle we have seen, which there have been at least one a week, this is probably not the place to do that.  But in light of the fact that I have mentioned here a few times that we were without our furniture and living in the same clothing since mid September, I thought it appropriate to share the miracles of the past week.

About two weeks ago now we received, in the same day, emails from two different families extended their open hands to bless us.  Both said that the Lord had lay it upon their hearts - that all they had was His and He was leading them to bless us.  Both families were specific in what they were gifting us:  one offering to pay for our complete move, one offering to pay for a month of our expenses.  As you can imagine we were floored!  Can you imagine?

What is so interesting to me is that the family who paid for a month of expenses for us paid us right to the date that Doug would begin being paid by his new employer, Compassion International.  Yes,  Compassion.  Can you imagine?   Many are the years Doug has so wanted to work for, or with, this ministry organization.  Many are the applications he has put in, always being declined.  But, in His perfect timing, in His perfect story, He has Provided!   We are in awe daily.  Though we waited expectantly on His best for our family, whatever that Best was, as usual He has a way of ever blowing our socks off!

So, 24 hours later and a few prepaid truckloads (amazing gift) back and forth from MN,  a few of the rooms in our house are fully decorated (still working on some) and closets are stuffed full of clothes we have learned we dont need.  We have together agreed to make the basement of our home a 2 bedroom apartment, which is permanently and immediately available to any in need whom the Lord sends.  And we have/are currently giving away 3/4 of each of our wardrobes.  So much has been learned in these past months about need vs. want.

Our family life feels much like reading L'Abri right now.  The book made/makes me cheer each time I read it, as does watching the Lord Provide for us over and over.  [I feel like we run around everywhere talking about all we have seen these past months!]  Even when that Provision is a season of waiting, like it was for so very long and will be again Im quite sure.  His best is His best, whatever it looks like.

Glory.  Glory!