+[a space that memories made]+

Almost a year ago now, Savannah and I took her Coming Of Age Trip to camp at Lake Superior.   If you missed that, you can read about it here.  During our time there we sat much upon the rocks overlooking the Great Lake and taking in natures testimony.  Im not much for souvenirs, and neither is she, so we skipped all gift stores but made sure we kept some reminders - natural reminders.

As we walked the pebbled beach one day we both began to collect stones - apparently both thinking the same thing at the same time.

Our home is decorated with rocks, shells, natural wood pieces and more rocks.  We pick things up along the way during our trips and then place them in our home as reminders.  Doug and I have done this as long as I can remember and now our girls do it as well.  Part of the rock fetish is to constantly be reminded of our Rock and Cornerstone and part is that I find it hard to locate more beautiful artistry than that which I can simply find outdoors!

So Savannah and I collected those pebbles that day and we made plans for what we would do with them.  Then we collected driftwood and ultimately a beautiful birch bark branch.  Needless to say, our drive home was a bit cramped, as were our muscles from dragging those items back to our campsite!

But yesterday as I decorated our front porch dining room with "our memories", she came out and stood there staring.  Before her eyes was our trip, her blessings, the prayers prayed over her there and the purpose for which we spent that time.  Before her were tangible reminders of her personal rite of passage.  She teared up.

How much she has stepped into womanhood after that trip.  How seriously she has taken this new mantle she now wears.  And so, I dedicated that porch to her yesterday, to who she is becoming and who she has already fully become.  It is a place to enjoy, to take in beauty, to ponder and to become.  Its a place to share, to bless, to learn and to watch.  This outdoor dining area is about living!

I love to give rooms in our home more meaning by infusing memories in this way.  Though most who visit r share meals with us will never fully understand their surroundings, we do.  And truly our home is a reflection of our family, our priorities and how we see life.  I really, really like that.