+[painted reminders]+

Isaiah 43:19

Driving home from the airport early yesterday, where we dropped Doug at 4 am, I was greeted by a painted sky.  My entire drive home this Artists palette was displayed before me.  Beautiful isn't it?

There is never a day I am not thankful beyond words to live here.  Never a day when I don't marvel at His handiwork.  Never a day when my whispered thank you's cease.

He has been so kind to us, so merciful.  Everyday He reaches down to us in Love and Provision.

So many years I spent my days building a life that showed me reaching for Him.  That's simply religion, and what He hates - me building my self-made ladders to Him.   Now I see that His story is that of His reaching down to us.  And that story, removed of all my human effort, is where His Glory shines.  I see now.  And His Handiwork ever reminds me.