+[morning drive]+

For over 4 years now we have been a one car family. It's not because were trying to leave a smaller eco footprint, nor because we find it convenient. We have one car because that's what we can afford. The current 23 year old gem has 253,000 miles on it (probably more as the speedometer cable breaks every 500 miles or so) and is about as rugged inside as I remember my great grandfathers work truck to be. Metal on metal, baby! But I find it endearing somehow, as do Doug and the girls. Funny how our matching, brand-new BMW's never provided the smiles this gypsy tank does. What a picture.
Each morning Doug drives the short 10 minute commute, and then I meander home again alone, or with Weimaraner riding shotgun, to begin school with the girls. Each morning I roll the window down, just a bit, to breathe the woody pines and sip the brisk Colorado morning air. My french roast sits steaming in the handmade wooden drink holder which straddles the gearshift; the previous owners surely picked that jewel up at some hippie market! Each morning I smile at Pikes Peak, ever above me or in front if me, as in the pic I snapped this morning. I daily wind down that 2000 ft decline to town, watching in awe. Truly that mountain reminds and teaches me, pointing me ever to the Truth of my Savior. That's why I smile.
It's a brief moment in the day, that commute. It comes and goes so quickly that most would never see it for what it is. But to me, as we drive to Compassion and breath the air and gaze upon that mountain, it's so much more than a commute. It's answered prayers, Faithfulness revealed, Hope ignited, darkness lightened, burdens lessened, Love poured out. Its Testimony.
Its a vivid picture of ashes, fire, light. So today I share it.