+[yes]+ advent day 22

Many an hour these past days has been spent in thoughtful reflection of all I shared in yesterday's post. Can I have Christmas in my heart without one thing in my house? It seems my answer is unequivocally Yes!

I've come to realize that these past 48 months have been nothing more than a preparation of my heart to do exactly that;   to be ready to focus on the foundation and no longer on the ornamentation.  Actually it seems my whole life has been a movement toward this moment.

From the barren winter of my marriage, to the sifting of my closest relationships, to being in isolation for years amongst wintering trees, to traveling alone with our girls with only one suitcase each and all that transpired which required focused faith, He has been preparing my heart to be satisfied in Him alone.  It is by no coincidence that this year Christmas for us looks much different...

And now I think...how kind to give me this opportunity.

With arms high and heart abandoned I realize.  This was the plan all along.  Him alone.  Him alone.