+[silent]+ advent day 20

Kenny G plays Little Drummer Boy softly in the background.  Savannah and Doug are sitting by the fire in the study playing some silent, intense card game.  Peyton lay next to me silently reading while I do the same.  The fire in my bedroom casts a warm glow as well.

Wait a minute...I have a bedroom...no furniture...but I have a bedroom!!!  We have a home, just our family!!!  I was not put to shame for following my husband!!!  He wasn't a crazy, irresponsible man to make the decisions he made!!!  We've been Carried through!!!  God made a way for us!!!

I listen to the silence of a new home where life giving rhythms are beginning... and look out my window at the stars in wonder.  

How do I begin to express my gratitude?  How do I begin to share with the world how choosing to trust fully, radically, in Him has changed who we are?