Merry Christmas girls, love Dad

PS. Mom and I named him Atticus - from To Kill A Mockingbird

The girls have been begging for a dog since they were 5 and 7. Always (!!) Doug has said no. Mostly because he knew we werent settled, ready. But they never stopped asking, pleading. 7 years worth.

When we moved here I mentioned to him that there was a Weimeraner rescue, as that is the breed we always knew we wanted if and when we ever got a dog. Have no idea how I knew that the rescue was here.

Well...that man took the ball and ran with it. So very excited he was to finally be able to give them the gift their hearts have longed for! So excited he personally was, he had me up and, unknown to the girls, walking  Atticus daily for weeks before Christmas just so Doug could spend more time with him. Funny man.

His foster parents delivered him to our door a 7:45 on Christmas morning. I thought the girls were going to explode!

Atticus is 5, he was born on Doug and my 10 year anniversary. His previous owners have an 18 month old and are expecting a new baby in a few months. They are on overload. Sweetly they have spent countless hours training and loving on this dog, so now, as we adopt him we are reaping the incredible benefits of their investment. What a long awaited life-giving gift for us all!