+[laughter]+advent day 18

The girls and I worked on our Christmas letter yesterday.  As well as the photo to go along with.  Much good news, much to laugh about, much to communicate in the way of our thankfulness.

As we talked about what wording to use on the card, we tossed many options around.  Then Savannah wanted a period after the wording.  But Peyton found that a bit flat.  So in the midst of their arguing about it I put in an exclamation mark, to which they both immediately stopped arguing and, at the same time,  said "NO!"  I laughed and put in a question mark just to be clever.  We all laughed so hard that everyone in the coffee shop turned to look and see what we were laughing at.  We knew then it was just right for our oddball family.  So, heres the pic and the wording and the question mark that will go out with our letter.   Seems just right when I look at the full picture of what all people will read of us this year.