+[consumed]+ advent day 12

My sister sent my birthday present home with our girls yesterday. By far the most special gift she has ever given me, it took my breath away.

The artists words were enclosed:

-My beloved spake and said unto me, Rise up my love, fair one, and come away.- Song of Solomon 2:10

"She looks totally consumed" commented a friend as she looked at this new piece. As soon as I heard that word, consumed, I knew that was the word the Lord wanted to use as a name for this piece."

"As I searched the scriptures, being consumed seemed a bad thing, a scary thing. But I found that in Hebrew "consumed" also meant "finish, complete, perfect." I turned this over and over in my mind - what was the Lord telling me? As I walked I'm the rain one morning He whispered - "We have a marriage in name only. It has not been consummated." I was stricken as I felt the piercing of a two edged sword, slicing quickly through the heart of me. And I knew for all my passionate declarations of love and faith in Jesus, for all my genuine belief in Him, I had not been consumed - not entirely, only bits of me, large bits to be sure, but still, only part. So as I struggle with my own fears of intimacy with the Living God, I will tell you this for sure, the Lord is calling you and me, His bride, to be consumed."

Amazing. I sit and stare at this gift in wonder.