+[connection]+ advent day 24

Taking tea, just us girls,  this afternoon at our favorite local tea house.  Savannah chooses a pot of spicy Masala Chai as Peyton and I opt to share a large pot of crisp Raspberry.      This is routine for us now, taking tea together multiple times a week in this spot.  Peaceful, fragrant and leisurely, the atmosphere invites relaxing conversations and a perfect place to dream together, to connect.

Tonight marks winter solstice.  Doug and I walk each night at dusk - taking in the decorative seasonal lights, watching the colors fade on the mountains and meeting new neighborhood friends along the trail.  Now, as the days will begin to lengthen toward the summer I wonder where the short days went....I barely felt them this year!  I do look forward to longer evening hikes with Doug.  They are my favorite time of both silent and conversational connection.

Winter, over the past three years of living in Minnesota, became a very quiet season for us.  Tea times, winter walks and books, books, books became pillars of our day.  I think that each of those holds a rhythm of its own - a simple, quiet beauty, which along-the-way we adopted.  I have grown to love this season of connection.  It seems a perfect atmosphere to reflect, to worship, to wait and wonder.