+[christmas feast and celebration]+

Deep in the night on Christmas Eve, Peyton padded across the wood toward her dad. Her near womanly hands held a small gift wrapped in notebook paper which she had colored herself. In silent awe, I watched him open it.

She had received a gift card from her grandmother for her birthday last week - $20 at Walmart. It was the only hope of her getting anything on her Christmas list this year, as she knew we were not going to be able to afford our typical exchange of presents. Somewhere deep in the night she had wrapped it, blessing it with her love and generosity, and now brought it to present to her father.

The only thing she had to give, she gave to her father.

The note attached read:
Thank you for being so much like the one this holiday is about. Love, Peyton

The only thing she had to give, she gave to her father.

I still am processing it.

Was it easy this year to not have our typical Christmas of decorations, outings, presents and stuff? No! Id be lying if I said it was! BUT... was it wonderful and magical in ways, and a blessing to my heart, in ways I would have never seen without things being merely exposed foundation this year? An even bigger YES!

I saw my husband leading and teaching and training his family in the Lord with a new wind. I saw my teenage daughter articulate faith and trust in a way that pierced and convicted my very soul. And I saw my 12 year old generously bring all she had to her father, reminding me that I too have an opportunity to do the same with my heavenly Father.

Yesterday we were gifted with brunch at the Broadmoor. It was a wonderful feast and a time of fanciful extravagance. It was so great! But honestly the Christmas celebration, for me, happened in the moments of Dougs leading, Savannahs heartfelt sharing and when I saw Peyton give freely, sacrificially, with beaming joy in her eyes.

Those moments made a new kind of Christmas in my heart and life. Those were moments I hope to never forget.