+[celebrate]+ advent day 13

I awoke this morning to emails and texts from kind and faithful friends, a note of unexpected encouragement from one of my favorite authors and kisses from my husband and children.  Today I am 41.

After a lovely breakfast made by the hands I adore, I was dropped at the Broadmoor Hotel where I will spend the day.  I sit currently in this room (left) taking in the mountain and lake views just beyond these windows and sipping my Earl Grey Latte, which is perfect by the way.

Swirls of people sashay about, taking pictures of the Christmas trees and oohing and ahhing over the gingerbread village.  A toy train runs around the village edge and the children squeal.  Instrumental Christmas hymns play in my ears.

My heart is at rest.  Not because of my surroundings or any circumstantial reason...but because my heart has found Rest.  Oddly, I found it in the middle of the hubbub as I waited in hopeful expectation, as I believed in what I could not see and as I gave up every expectation, waiting on His best.   There I found the quiet Sufficiency I have longed for - right in the middle of our chaos.   I pray for the faith to continue that same waiting now that much has settled.

I think of all that was going on around Bethlehem so many years ago.  People so busy, trying to get to their important places and to do their important things.  People trying to make sure they got to their home towns on time!  So many details to contend with, so many distractions.  And then there were those Shepherds; just watching their flocks, waiting in hopeful expectation.   There is so much simple wisdom to that lack of internal and external busyness, the ability to watch your own flock/family and wait in hopeful expectation, regardless of the hubbub about you.

What remains for this day?  I will go to tea with my children this afternoon and then for a quiet dinner alone with Doug tonight.  I will laugh with them, remember with them and marvel at the gifts they are in my life, but this moment, Im just marveling my great God and His sufficiency in my life.  Its a day of celebration.