+[blessing]+ advent day 19

Today she is 12 years worth of blessing.  She is a gift from the hands of our great God.  She represents laughter, joy and perseverance in our home.  Watching her grow has truly been like watching the Master paint - ever surprising me as He adds light and emphasis.

She throws pottery like a pro.  She bakes the best bread Ive ever had.  She loves Beethoven's work with an abnormal intensity and is equally (and vocally) revolted with his behaviors.   Her idea of a great drink is Lavender Earl Gray Tea.  Her idea of a good night kiss is a chapter of Patricia St. John.

She has by far the driest sense of humor I have ever come across.  She can not turn off the creativity in her mind - ever crafting, composing or planning her next project.  She has no plans for college but would rather sit through 20 years of art school.  She finds shoes and hats necessary to complete any outfit.

She still refuses to look me in the eye when she is upset and still demands alone time to pull herself together after rebuke.   She still runs to me every morning for a kiss and hug.  She still asks for "snuggle jumble" (a lingering embrace) almost every hour of the day.

Her run is clumsy and she hates math.  Her art is astounding and her writing gifted.

I love how the Lord painted her with ringlet curls and piercing brown eyes.  I love how He ran a streak through her that yields wholly to no one but Him.

Her birthday consisted of a breakfast tea party with Dad at which he gave her a new tea set.  After their time together I took her to Brown Palace for holiday tea  (we have a tradition of afternoon tea alone on her birthday) where Charles Dickens characters sang their birthday tune while she blew out candles.  We then we spent the remainder of the day as a family out at all her choice jaunts.  The day ended with a her favorite dessert aflame with candles proclaiming the light she has brought and will bring to this world.

I tucked her in and whispered, "enjoy being 12, my love."

She beamed the smile which is her signature.