+[wonder]+ Advent day 4

In respect for Joel, we have no Christmas tree nor presents beneath it. No decorations of any kind.  His wife was a huge decorator and even talking of trees is a piercingly difficult memory for him right now.

We have only suitcases to our name with 5 outfits each and a couple pair of shoes.  No coats, no boots, no holiday attire.  Were sleeping on airmattresses and sitting on the floor in a basement.  Between camping and our currenting waiting, we've been "flooring" for 2 months+.  We sit by the fireplace at night and sip tea while playing cards or board games and, based on conversations and expressions on faces, I'm quite sure everyones heart is full!

In other words we have no distractions right now.  Just laughter, memories, a real life ministry and each other.

As I sit in Starbucks this afternoon contemplating Gods patience and creativity with me I have realized what a gift it is to be in this unusual place this year.  I have no option but to watch and wait: on our boxes, inhabiting our home, on Him.  And in the waiting we always see Him more.

In the waiting we always see Him more!

I sketch then paint the candescent stars above me and I wait in anxious expectation for His Plans and His timing. Somewhat like the Shepherds of long ago, just watching and waiting, no plans or agenda of my own this time...just waiting.  He's shown me, taught me, proven to me it's so much better this way.

He has such a story already written for us. Like a child I sit and listen for the pages to turn and unleash their tale.