+[today, this minute]+

Doug has blessed me with a day off - he's teaching the girls today. It's been since the first week of September that I have had one. Actually, Ive been 24/7 with the girls since that point due to our travels, then our move. Most of you know how much I need time alone to process, worship and breath. I start unraveling without it. I think this was a defensive strategy on his part...knowing I was probably on borrowed time.
I'm refreshing my soul by sitting still on a hill overlooking Pikes Peak with the sun on my face watching these beautiful mountains that now cradle my home. I'm remembering Gods faithfulness to me and marveling at all He is doing in and for our family. It's really beyond anything I can yet take in. I'm remembering getting off the plane here and preaching *outloud* to myself, "trust the Lord with all your heart, Keitha. Lean not on your own understanding!! In ALL your ways (no matter how small) acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight." I'm remembering looking Doug in the eyes as we got off that plane, with nothing but one bag each, and sharing a look of Hope and Joy at our arrival. But each of us knowing this new life would be by Grace alone.
I'm calling and writing those dear ones who I still need to fill in on all that has transpired here so far. I will write of it soon but much is still muddled inside me.
I'm resting, breathing in deeply and, most likely, getting a bit of a sunburn.