+[rejoice]+ Advent day 1

A bird soars above me, able to see all that God has already provided. I smile at the thought of it. I make note to remember that perspective in my prayers today.

Souls around me sing their hearts out in praise. So much so that I stop singing to thank Him for what He has done in their lives, though I have no idea what it is, but I can see it is real. I make note to keep my eyes open this week for the new life I see in others. Captives freed.

As the trail crunches under my feet at dusk I give thanks in advance for all that Christ is doing in and around me. The pine forest is quiet and still as I walk, the whispered prayers echo. So fresh in my mind is the desperate longing and stinging tears which fell, mourning in lonely exile, as I came to Him so many nights asking renewal in my marriage and true, united discipleship in our parenting. Captives. How sweet a gift to see the changes He has brought about, how fragrant a perfume of life breathed in anew. He came into our muck and mire simply to bring us out, so we could know Him.

Soon we will gather by fire for our first night of Advent, in the front room of a home which we did not seek out, but which is more than we could have asked or imagined. Yet somehow we no longer need it, just Him. Somehow we have all been taught of our true dwelling place. Somehow. Again He came into our muck and mire so we could know Him.  We gather united as intergenerational Believers seeking.

The root of Jesse is still bursting forth. Change and Provision are evident all around me.

And I rejoice.