I have learned to preach to myself alot.  A lot.  Especially in these past few (5) years.  I have learnd the hard way,  that if I do not, I can quickly turn from praise to performance, grindstone not grace.  Which quickly leads to defeat.

I am very visual.  Our home, when it's not packed in storage boxes in MN (grin), is filled with various rocks (to remember He is my rock and cornerstone, to remember that though Peter was inappropriately passionate at times (ahem) Jesus still called him the Rock), treasures from nature (shells, bark, limbs from trees) which display His artwork and creativity.  All of these remind and inspire me.  I even decorate our home exclusively in shades of cerulean and espresso to symbolize our marriage union via the colors of our eyes.  Yes, I'm a visual girl.

When I came across this bracelet over the course of our epic fieldtrip I knew it was just the right keepsake.  A tree with branches outstretched only as far as the roots are deep.  What a visual reminder.

My life in this season requires much pouring out, the giving of much shade.  And more days than not I feel inadequate, because I am.  My branches have been both barren and brittle in past seasons well as weighty with fruit in others.  Both were sustained though by my roots in Christ.

As we enter this Advent season tomorrow, I am conscious of areas of my life which I am not yielding fully to Him, mostly relational.  I asked specifically in prayer to be able to see these and He is mercifully answering in quantities which I can bear.

He, who is the Sustainer of my roots, the carrier of the Tree which saved me and the Maker of all which extends itself to Heaven in Praise is the focus and celebration of these next weeks.  And yet, I long for that to be the case year-round instead of for mere weeks.

So I wear this meaningful bracelet as a symbol and reminder to preach to myself.  I long for His Peace and Joy.  I pray to know Him as He knows Himself to be, not as who my mind has framed Him to be.  I reach my branches for Him externally and internally focus on what is not seen, my roots.

Welcome Advent Season...may I worship and learn anew.