+[a gift]+

A sweet friend of mine in Minnesota took notice of our Thanksgiving jar at some point over the past three years.  Its a family tradition we have had for about 12 years now, I think.  

She decided to implement a version of it in her own home this year.  But the part that I just can't get over is that she  thought of us as she planned for her family.  She knew we were "in-between" and that, most likely, I had not thought to pack the Thanksgiving jar before we left for our epic road trip. That "packing" is all we are still living on.  Oh how right she was!

So, two weeks ago while we were in MN sorting last business matters before our final decent to our new home, she gave me this simple jar with paper already inside and told me "it was a traveling version." Tears.

Well, last night was the first night in our new Colorado gift-from-God-miracle house (huge post for another day), but the traveling Thanksgiving jar is already out and already containing jotted thanks from everyone in the family.

I have a feeling that when we open this one at the Thanksgiving table this year, it may be the most meaningful ever.

It's truly the little kindnesses that make the most dramatic impact.  Her name is already in that jar.