"Momma, you are so fun!" Savannah said as she looked at me across the table while we ate terrible Mexican food in Santa Fe.

I looked at her in dismay. I told her that in my whole life no one (that I can remember) has told me I am fun. Intense, idealistic, over the top, creative even...but "fun" absolutely never. Im still taken aback by it!

She shook her head and laughed. And assured me of her certainty.

There is no way to describe the blessing she is to me and was on our trip - the help she is and the pleasure she is. Today I am reminded that my biggest job right now is to encourage Doug and the girls and to continue trying to make beauty in our lives. While without home or income it certainly is more challenging...but all the more needed!

A note, a flower, a small candy...just to say how much I adore each of them and how they inspire me. Oh how they each do.

It's a wonderful thing to be spurred by your children. Her encouragement of me has reminded me today of how needed it is for us all.