+[weekend extra]+ some of our summer memories

Our summer bucket list is not quite all checked...but it has been a very full summer.

Full of kayaking, sidewalk murals, Camp Peniel, water balloon fights, biking thru drive thrus, tie-dying sheets, bleach crafts on jeans, berry picking and jam making, farmers markets, climbing arboretum trees, sprinkler courses, garage sales, backyard campouts, rented a jeep just to ride for days with the top down, late night ice cream runs, Fridays at the farm, sandcastle competitions, midnight Harry Potter premiere, fireworks, parades, biking the lakes, monthly pizza/movie nights with friends, making homemade fancy ice creams, trips to Texas and Colorado, a visit from Nana and Da, Lake Superior cabin stays, hand pie baking and delivery, watching a sunrise and a sunset each month, hosting BBQ's, making recycled paper, and still counting.....

We have not gardened at all (except for at the farm) or hung the hammock. We have eaten way too many sweets and have missed almost every outdoor concert. We have not painted, done a carwash, had a breakfast picnic or gone fishing. But boy have we read. And read. And read.

Beautiful, memory making days.