+[thankful Thursday]+ a recall of this weeks blessings

The plunging heart acceptance that the silent solitude of MN has been a prescription for me, not a punishment. That is has been a blessing spoken over me, not a burden put upon me. That I was set apart these past years for a purpose and it will be accomplished. Silence, in a lonely place, is a deeply difficult thing...and yet fantastically fertile soil.

The smell of the firepit just before we sat as a family for "hotdog roast and rootbeer float" night. These are sweet family days which are numbered. Giggles heard, opinions shared, memories made...sweetness.

The Hawk and The Dove Trilogy by Wilcock. Its quiet tale is uncovering much within me. It has met me where I am in many ways. (highly, highly recommended by the way)

Fresh produce, raw honey, handmade bread and cheese, deep friendships, starry nights, campfires, gardens, olive oil and candlelight... and the ability to enjoy them all. Earthly pleasures are simply that, afterall, earthly! The wholesome and good things of this earth are for our blessing, right now. I look at them differently when I remember them as gifts and seek to enjoy them more fully, right now.

My moon journal, my nature journals in general, because they remind me to stop and watch, to wonder in this moment and this day. Oh how creation sings...


Savannahs deeply loving words as she greets me each morning and as I tuck her in each night. Each day I watch her become a more internally full and beautiful flower.

My marriage which has been tried and tested, and tried and tested, and still remains full of laughter, hand holding, passion and purpose.


Peytons quiet endurance and perseverance to live with chronic symptoms and rarely, rarely complain. She is a wealth of compassion, wisdom and "getting-it kind of lived-out faith" that is rare, even in adults. She is an example to me.

My mother and father who will do anything in their power to help me. Our relationship has not always been what it is today, which makes it even more delightful. And that my children know them to be who they are today!

Friends who have chosen a hill to die on. My heart is rarely more encouraged than when I see someone willing to give their days, themselves, freely...knowing someone else will benefit from their service.

A reminder today that God blessed Jesus. He called down from Heaven - "This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased." A reminder to me that speaking intentional, purposeful words of love and affirmation over my children consistently is so very important.

Prayers lifted up in the name of our family, of me. And the beautiful souls of those who speak them!

Carol Joy Seid and Sally Clarkson, who spur me and remind me that around here...my "work" is prayer, not frenzy. The have each greatly helped me find freedom in my mothering and teaching.

I really could so keep going...but the day calls...

Thank you Lord for these.