+[my life Monday]+ a weekly snapshot from my life

Proverbs 24: 3-4 By wisdom a home is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

There is everyday a moment of quiet stillness with one of my girls - a moment when I am acutely aware that this, our home, is where my deepest impact will be made. Softly I am again reminded that THIS is where my life summary will be most clearly spoken.

Last night as I read to Peyton and she lay across the pillow on my lap, I spun her delicate curls in my fingers. I was once again then lost in the magnitude of it. How quickly these years have past in my mothering. I feel as though I am watching sand slip through an hourglass, everknowing my time living side by side with them is limited. Everyday counts. Every moment a chance to breathe love and hope into their lives and dreams. Every second to make a celebration of the ordinary and to encourage their hearts. So much to share, so little to hold me back.

Understanding, as I have begun to see it in these past three years, is getting to a place where I will receive the gifts as they were intended. But that meant laying down all I had previously collected (in hopes of finding satisfaction) which allowed no room for my hands to fully hold the gifts. It is allowing time for the establishment. The satisfaction I sought in my mothering has been found, but not in the girls themselves (that would be just another idol in my life) but rather in the opportunity to live the adventure next to them, sharing and teaching and loving all that I am recieving from Him myself - with laughter, joy, tears, reading, romping, exploring, adventuring and being so very real alongside one another. In those moments the rare and beautiful treasures are truly found.