In the same way that an avid reader finds an author they adore then seeks out every work he/she has written, so does an art collector. It seems that once one beholds a beauty which penetrates their armored daily shell, the beholder seeks to find more and more of that artists work - to be touched on that deep level once again. You are that Artist for me, oh Lord.

Light dances on the tips of blades of grass,
trees sway in a gentle dance with the wind,
the brushstrokes of pure white clouds above me
give contrast to a cerulean sky.

There is a rhythm, an order, a story of character written in nature.
There is a celebration and a whimsy.
There is an audible laughter of enjoyment.
There are weeds which interrupt growth (or disguise themselves as flowers),
rocks that provide structure to the landscape
and a symphony of geese, bees and breezes.

And ever reaching upward,
each flower and tree stands in elegant Praise.