+[summer signoff]+

Though our summer began at the beginning of May due to completed studies, it is now, at the end of May, that it seems the rest of the world is ready to summer along with us. Somehow that makes it feel more summery!

I typically use the summertime to ride my beloved pink cruiser as many places as is possible, to research and pray through our next years education endeavors ( books and projects that we will work on)
and to clear out and revamp any areas that have lost my attention during our school year. It's a time for refreshment and refocusing.

Its also the time when we head to Texas for summer camp, Seaside, FL for beach and Colorado for mountains... and the visits with those we love most. This year Doug and I are doing Colorado alone and going to an area, and climbing a mountain, we have never explored together.

Thus...on an immediate front... camp trunks to be painted, camp checklists to be checked and all the giddy anticipation of our girls annual favorite week of the year. Makes me happy...it was mine too when I was their age, attending the same camp that they are.

We also have some MAJOR family transitions ahead that were so.not. planned... but, because of that, hold much, much, much (and more everyday) excitement. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that the greatest of gifts are those you never planned for and never saw coming! And that once lessons are learned...its time to move on to the next ones.