+[soap making]+

Doug rolled his eyes when I told him I had another homesteading activity for this week. Not in a "thats ridiculous" kind of way, but rather in a "oh no, stand back everyone, shes on a kick" kind of way. Humph. Now, this from the man who can not pass up a handmade soap counter without smelling every.single.item they have?!? Mmm-hmm. He was probably whispering in my ear at night "make soap soon, make soap soon" and thats where I got the idea. Hes already put in requests for more body butters!

Im not trying to make every item that this family uses or wears, but there are so many fun things to try making at home. And its a satisfying activity, I tell you.

So, this week was soap making.

I got supplies (soap bases) from Brambleberry because I didnt want any sodium lauryl sulfates. And they have fabulous goats milk products, which works well for our dry skin. I added essential oils, fruits from our fruit bowl (citrus rind purees) and dried herbs from the spice rack. I melted the bases, added in what I wanted, and poured them into molds. My molds of choice were empty cream and juice cartons. I wanted a final product of bars that could be cut by hand not popped out of premade molds. Im not really a premade mold kind of girl... in case you hadnt noticed.

What we ended up with was multiple bars of Patchouli and Valencia soap and multiple bars of our pillow oil (Spearmint/Basil/Rosemary/Vetiver/Lavender/Marjoram) soap. I even cut some in smaller cubes for our guest room as I have a special toiletry collection for people who stay with us.

I love the zesty freshness of the orange peel in the Patchouli. Plus, it gives it an exfoliation factor. The Spearmint/Basil etc soap smells just divine though. I cant say which one I like better. The girls votes are for the pillow oil soap.

Doug comes home tonight from traveling for work. I have his new soaps all ready for him. We will see who is rolling eyes then. Mmm-hmm.