A few of my friends have commented to me over the past few days that I didnt post any Easter pictures here. Honestly, we didnt take many. My focus was elsewhere.

I mentioned a few posts back that I take, on average, about 70 pics per day. Because of that fact, I dont feel the need to take a ton of pictures on holidays themselves, but rather just be fully present for the holiday. Probably sounds odd. I find that those holiday pics tend to be posed pics that never represent the spirit of our family anyway (example at bottom of post). I honestly would rather be in the middle of the celebration than behind the camera on those specific days. I prefer the everyday capturings, the realness and rawness of a beautiful, simple, plain moment encapsulated. And truth be known, experience tells me that holidays themselves can easily hold expectation for me. I have known many a year where the holiday has come and gone with expectation unmet and frustration abounding. I also have seen, in those moments, my family polluted by my expectation, even in picture taking. So I left that far behind.

Because we live life together in every way, everyday...everyday is special. That removes the need to make certain memories, and capture them, just because its Easter or Christmas.

Over these past three years I have tried to emphasize a daily celebration in our home - a collection of special moments savored and celebrated: candles lit in the morning (because mercies are new), lovely music to awaken our children (because worship grounds us), study plates of yummy treats and hot tea (because serving them opens their hearts to me), essential oils on our pillows at night (because Doug appreciates the fine details), an unplanned coffee shop run weekly with Doug for a few moments of uninterrupted conversation (to really hear him and welcome him back home to me after his very stressful days), a walk midday together to admire nature (to remind the girls of creations cry), lavender linen wash for a comfy nighttime tuck in (because comfort, tenderness and attention speak deeply), notes tucked in books that tell of where a special gift is hidden for the recipient (to delight and remind them of who they are). All of these moments pool together and form a lifestyle of thanksgiving for the treasures of the life we have together every day. Family is, after all, our greatest earthly gift and certainly one worth celebrating each and every day.

Holidays are important, certainly. But more important, in my mind, is how we are living day to day. Where our focus is. What our motivations are. How we are living out our faith in our relationships with one another. And that is what I try to capture in our pictures. So, sorry, not a ton from Easter. But we did have the most meaningful and worshipful Good Friday service and Easter morning service at church, a lovely brunch at a hotel downtown and a big girl egg hunt afterwards. The day was sunny and bright in every way.