Friday was our co-op Valentine party. There were crafts, games, valentine bingo, cupcake decoration, a valentine exchange and a service project(making valentines for nursing home residents). After the party the girls and I headed over to the nursing home, where we previously caroled for Christmas, to visit the residents and deliver Valentines to them during their dinner hour. The girls love it there and the residents are SO sweet to them.

That night we had a family Valentine dinner out on the town as Doug and I knew we would be out on Saturday night but wanted to take the girls out for a special evening.

Valentines day the girls and I awoke to the most amazing flowers from Doug. He MADE them. Designed them and made them. I could not have been more impressed. I rolled over to get up on Saturday morning to find a precious flower pot sitting next to my bed. At first I thought Peyton had made me something but then I saw the perfect detail of the flowers and the stem and the bee inside the flower on who's wings sat the words "bee always at my side." Oh seriously? He is too much! Sweetest thing ever. As I got up I found that he had made multiples of these pots for the girls and I.

After breakfast we headed out to Lake of the Isles for some outdoor fun. The frozen lake provided a perfect romantic skating moment and some slippery fun with the girls. Who knew a frozen lake could be so much fun? We then headed for coffee to warm up. We stayed for a couple of hours playing games and laughing; a perfect afternoon.

That night we left the girls with a sitter and Doug took me to Chino Latino for dinner and then for dessert at Zeno. We actually brought dessert home, made some coffee and watched Somethings Gotta Give, one of our favorite date movies. It was a perfectly romantic, fun and us kind of a holiday.